Amber is a Graphic Designer based in Melbourne.


Her Dutch heritage left her with an unpronounceable last name*, a love for European design, and a healthy dose of Dutch Honesty (in English: bluntness). She gets just about as excited about food as about design

Currently working at Studio Round, she has also worked for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and Country Road, as well as freelancing for several clients. After winning agIdeas' New Star Awards in 2014, Amber interned at London's Pentagram. Prior to this, she also held internships at BrandWorks and The Hungry Workshop. 

Amber has a keen eye for branding and typography, and enjoys working in collaboration with others. She's a passionate and dedicated designer with work that is intelligent, playful and refined. 




Instagram — Behance — LinkedIn

* Goedegebuure.
Pronounced /ghoe-deh-gheh-booo-reh/.
Just clear your throat and it’ll sound fine.